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Terms and Condition



The following General Terms and Conditions of https://betscribe.com set out the legal framework for using the services we offer.

Please read these General Terms and Conditions of Betscribe carefully before using the website.

In addition to any other law or regulations that applies to https://betscribe.com, you are aware that you are obliged by our Conditions and Policies. These Terms and Conditions apply to all usage of website, as well as to the Content, information, recommendations and services provided to you.

A condition for visiting https://betscribe.com and using our site features is that you certify you must be 18 years old or above. Users are not allowed to share the content of https://betscribe.com with persons that are not yet 18 years old or above.

Betscribe will NOT guarantee 100% win using our services BUT following our experts and professional analysts is the best strategy of making big profit.

Betscribe does NOT support gambling of any kind and is also not a tool to use for gambling. Be aware of this before visiting our site.

Betscribe will not share or collect any personal information for third parties for their own marketing purposes unless agreed upon sharing.

Informations published by https://betscribe.com may contain links to other sites which are owned or run by 3rd parties and will NOT be responsible for those linked sites.

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